Special Women’s Empower Hour to be Held at Guardian Martial Arts

Guardian Martial Arts is inviting residents to a “Damsel in Defense” Empower Hour at the company’s Garden City facility. The Empower Hour will be held on Friday, April 7, 2017 from 6:30 till 8:00 p.m. (A little longer than an hour!)

Damsel in Defense Pro and Senior Chief Instructor Kelly M. Perkins will teach some easy to use self-defense and demonstrate how to use “Damsel in Defense” products to enhance personal safety. Guests will have a chance to gain self defense knowledge.

Damsel in Defense is a company that has developed personal protection products geared toward women’s safety. Light refreshments will be served. Please call 734-266-0565 to R.S.V.P. Guardian is located at 30942 Ford Rd. in Garden City, MI.



GCBA President Kerry Partin has announced that Office Max/Office Depot has partnered with the GCBA and has issued the attached discount card for members to use. Please follow the directions on the card. Members can print it out on card stock, then taking it along with the FREE lamination coupon to either one and have them laminate it for you. Or you can download it to your smart phone and use it that way.


We Believe in Garden City

Garden City is the community in which we have decided to invest our time, money, and hard work. We’ve put down roots and have made a commitment to the people who live here.

The work we do is measured in more than just dollars and cents; we are an important part of the fabric that makes up Garden City, Michigan.

The Garden City Business Alliance is proud to be part of the American Dream. We believe that if you work hard and persevere, you can be successful. Like anything else that is worthwhile, it is not easy, but we welcome the challenge. And like millions of Americans before us, we realize that if we work together we can accomplish so much more than if we all work separately.

This is the inspiration for the Garden City Business Alliance.

We believe that small businesses working together can help each one of us be better merchants, offer more to our customers, and be a good neighbor to our community.

If you’re a Garden City business owner, citizen, or community advocate, you’re welcome to join us. We meet once each month and we announce the meeting locations and times well in advance on this website and on our Facebook page.

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